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Hello my name is Dana  Hanson and I would like to welcome you to the “I paint4Him Studios”.  The purpose for this web page is to minister to All of GODS people in visual form. Jesus taught with word pictures, and I believe it’s an avenue the LORD wants to use to minister His Truth.


I know for me I can remember a story better if I can visualize it rather than just hear words quoted. Our Vision and heart is that these paintings will minister to you. The paintings that you see on this web page have been from either visions I have been given during worship, or have been prompted by the HOLY SPIRIT to paint. 

I know that the creative ability within me is a gift from GOD our CREATOR and that I cannot take the credit personally for I am only "the brush holder" and the HOLY SPIRIT is the One who anoints my hands to paint. These are not just regular paintings of images, but they are unique in HIM. To GOD be given the glory. May each painting minister to you by the SPIRIT OF GOD as HE wills them to do and may they speak to your heart.

Dana Hanson is a freelance Artist who started professionally in 2000. She has done various types of artwork mostly in Oils, but also has done Mixed media illustrations for book covers, CD’s and other commission work for other ministries and professionals. 

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